"Rabbits" - Swimmingpool The Band

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Trick or Treat guys! Here’s a special little treat for you. I decided to compile, of my 200+ album discography, eight songs fitting for tonight’s (and any other creepy night) festivities. “Rabbits: Songs For Halloween” goes through the past three years of my music and features some of my creepier songs. One of the songs, Ghostwater, is the title track of one of my upcoming releases (so I guess that’s an unreleased number) of the same name. 

It’s short, sweet and to the point. I hope you enjoy. The link to download is above. 

  1. Rabbits
  2. The Mass In The Floor
  3. The Grinning Man
  4. Ghostwater
  5. A Phantom/The Desert
  6. No Phones
  7. Hold Up, That’s My Stop. Why aren’t you turning around?
  8. Halloween Letter
2 years ago