"Heaven" - Swimmingpool The Band

"Heaven" comes from my most recent collection of songs, "Ghostwater", and is a bit louder than my recent tracks. The guitars are as shimmery as ever and aesthetically back up the reverb drenched vocals and drums. 

In all, I’ve got little to comment on as I think it’s very straight forward. Beyond the guitar and percussion work (that I’m very proud of), I took the time to process the vocals a little bit (especially towards the end as the song builds into walls of reverb, drone and feedback). 

The lyrics are below and the link to download is above. 

"…no wounds
no bruises
no casts 
no bandages

no gause
where we are going
nobody gets hurt
no blood
where we are going
nobody gets hurt

perfect skin
baby you’ll have
the strongest bones

no stretchers
no syringes

only sweet dreams
where nobody 
gets hurt
only sweet memories
without cuts
and burns…”

2 years ago